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☆☆E2 WETEK/KODİ☆☆ Best Kodi Music Addons


19 Ağu 2015

Best Kodi Music Addons

Jamzz is a Kodi Addon that is all about music.

Sections include Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative, Hair Bands, and Search.

How To Install Jamzz

Music Choice
Music Choice is a Kodi Addon from JewRepo Repository that is all about music.

Section include Hit List, Max, Brits-Hits, Party Favorites, Love Songs, Y2K, 70s, 80s, 90s, Rnb Soul, Rap 2K, Reggae, Rock Hits and Rock.

How to Install Music Choice

Skull Rock
Skull Rock is a Kodi hard rock music Addon from Vikings Repo.

Sections include Concert, Clips, AD/DC, Aerosmith, and more.

KNE Rock Video
KNE Rock is a Kodi Addon that streams music videos.

It has many sections including Best Full Concerts, Rock Videos, Classic Rock, Pop Hits, Hard Rock, Alternative and more.

How To Install KNE Rock Video

Best Kodi Live IPTV Addons

T2K IPTV Kingdom
T2K IPTV Kingdom is a new Kodi Live TV Addon from T2K Repository.

The main menu has sections for Mobdro Live TV, Live TV, Fluxus, TV channels, UK, US, 24-7, Lodge TV, Stratus and more.

It has combined many top Live IPTV plugins into one Add-on. If one plugin does not work there is others to use.

How To Install T2K IPTV Kingdom

That Broke Mallu V2.0
That Broke Mallu (TBMV2) is a Kodi Live TV Addon T2K Repository that has been updated to version 2.

It has sections for Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Music, Kids, Religious, Movies, Documentary, French, Australian, Filipino, German, Portugal, Italy, Canada and more.

So far it is working very well and a good Live IPTV Kodi Addon.

Each Sub-Section will have a list of live TV channels to stream from.

How To Install That Broke Mallu V2.0

Chronos Live TV
Chronos is a Kodi Live TV Addon from Skydarks Repository.

It has sections for Live TV, Austria, Sports Direct Links, Live Sports, Hg Sports, Hunting/Fishing, Concerts, Movies, One-click Movies, YouTube, 24/7, Search and more.

It is a good add-on that so far has been working very well including the One-click Movie section.

How To Install Chronos Live TV

ULTRA TV is Live TV Streaming Kodi Addon located in the AJ Builds Repository.

Sections include Documentary, Food, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Sports, and UK/USA Channels.

How To Install ULTRA TV

TV SuperTuga
TV SuperTuga is a IPTV Kodi live TV Addon with many sections and languages from around the world.

The World IPTV section has USA and UK channels along with many other Countries.

There is also many other sections including Sports, VOD, Music, Documentaries, and more.

How To Install TV SuperTuga

Tap TV App
Tap TV App is a new IPTV Kodi Addon from Bookmark Lite Repository that has live streams.

Categories include Documentary, Food, News, Movies, Music, Religious, Sport, and UK / USA Channels.

How To Install Tap TV App

Live 24/7
Live 24/7 is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Digital Repository.

Sections include UK TV Now, Live Net, TV One, 24/7 Movies, Shows, Random, Sports, and Replays.

It combines many popular live stream options into one Addon.

How To Install Live 24/7

Oblivion Streams
Oblivion Streams is a live Kodi TV Add-on that streams from many sources.

It is an older Addon from Oblivion Add-on Repository that has been constantly updated.

It has a lots of live streams divided into sections including Shadow.Tv, IPTV Auto, Pot Luck, Free View, Sport, 24/7 Live Shows, Fishing Master, Keeping Fit, 24/7 radio, Karaoke, and more.

How To Install Oblivion Streams

SGTV is a Kodi Live TV IPTV Addon from SG Wizard.

Sections include UK TV, Back Up Channels, Various Sport, Boxing, Movie Mix, and Adult Section.

How To Install SGTV

Hard Events
Hard Events is a Kodi Addon that streams live events both past and new.

It mostly has festivals and concerts feeds but also has other streams.

How To Install Hard Events

Flecha Negra
Flecha Negra (Black Arrow) is a Kodi Live TV Addon from Kodiazor Repository.

It has many live streams mainly spoken in English with subtitles from around the world.

How To Install Flecha Negra

TV One
TV One is a Live TV Kodi Addon located in the Sandman Repository.

Sections include Documentary, Food, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Sports, UK / USA, and more.

How To Install TV One

Infinity Legion V
Infinity Legion V New is an IPTV Kodi Addon from Android Repository.

Sections include Albania, Turkey, USA / UK, Scandinavia, World, and more.

How To Install Infinity Legion V

cCloud TV is a live streaming plugin that has been available for awhile and has been steadily updated.

Kodi and Live TV is a bit of a hit-and-miss but is improving all the time. cCloud is an Add-on that has improved greatly overtime with many good Live TV streams.

How to Install cCloud
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